Friday, 29 June 2012

The Shingle Hills.

A day off from the mountain caused an apparent need for exercise. A quick drive down to the Clutha river and a wee stroll around in the new 'iloveugly' zespys was all that i could handle before the somewhat resisted step got the better off me, those who know will understand...


Friends. Family. And Funky Shirts.

Photos from the summer that have brought up good memories! From home made shorts and custom Chucks to $2 shirts that always get the mood rolling for a bit of summer fun!


From Black. From White.

A few black and white shots after a day out on the skaters, the Penny even made an appearance. 


Thursday, 28 June 2012

What she order? Fish fillet

A day on the mountain is ended with a walk down to the lake and a few local beers, all fished up by 'iloveugly'